Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program (KTCP)

MIT Teaching & Learning Lab, Cambridge (USA)

Awarded June 2016


Devices of Design, 2017

Global Innovation Design program at the Royal College of Art, London (UK)

Devices of Design class

Fabrication from Fabric, 2014

MIT Media Lab, Cambridge (USA)

Fabrication from Fabric was a 3 day course held at MIT in January 2014, where students learnt the basics of making things from fabric, including pattern design, material selection and sewing. Co-organised with Laura Perovich and fashion designer Christopher Bevans, Media Lab Director's Fellow, with participation from Yan Agaev and Priscella Shum from CBAtelier, all participants were guided through the pattern design and construction of their very own T-shirt or laptop/tablet cover!

Prototype Hackery, 2011-2012

MIT Media Lab, Cambridge (USA) & Procter & Gamble R&D, Reading (UK)

How can you make prototypes which are ‘good enough’ to communicate the main working and visual elements of a concept; the ‘80:20 prototype’? Prototype Hackery was a series of workshops, developed and facilitated at the MIT Media Lab and continued at conferences and organisations around the world, that brought people from academia and corporations together to debate the reasons for and the tools to make and share prototypes using the ‘hacker’ mindset - the utilization of existing resources in a clever fashion to suit other purposes. Workshops held at UK Procter & Gamble R&D site inspired the designers, engineers, scientists and management to understand the value of sharing rough prototypes, and the regeneration of disused workshop areas into ‘protospaces’ has enabled more employees to have access to the simple tools, techniques and materials needed to easily realise their ideas in physical form. The Prototype Hackery handbook which accompanies these workshops is a summary of ideas about prototyping tools and techniques which anyone can use to quickly and cheaply create prototypes which are highly effective at communicating the physical experience of an idea.