presentations, panels, demonstrations


Breaking the Code: Algorithms that Work for All | 2019

Stylus Decoded Future Summit, NYC (USA)

Looking for Humanity in AI | 2019

Techonomy, NYC (USA)

Digital tools to explore Beyond Average ideas | 2019

Royal Society of the Arts, London (UK)

Beyond Average | 2018

Arts and Science Salon, NYC (USA)

Designing the Future Designer’s Toolbox | 2018

Reaktor Breakpoint conference, Helsinki (Finland)

Computing Creativity: Designing tools across disciplines | 2018

Scout Student-Led Design Studio, Northeastern University, Boston (USA)

Digitally Enabled Creativity | 2017

Design Museum at HUBweek Festival, Boston (USA)

Digitally Enabled Creativity | 2017

IYRS School of Technology and Trades, Newport (USA)

Humans, Machines & the Future of Industrial Design with Jason Robinson (IDEO) | 2017

SXSW Interactive conference, Austin (USA)

Values-Forward Food: Manufacturing for Competing Aspirations, and If You Are What You Buy, Who Are You? | 2014

ReThink Food conference, Napa Valley (USA)


Design Daydreams | 2018

IDEO FutureFest, Cambridge (USA)

What if this could be something else? Building on a project originally conceived in the Acadia 2017 Design Tools of the Future hackathon, Design Daydreams projects digital ghosts on top of the world and objects around you, bringing many computationally-augmented design fiction worlds to life using just your phone or tablet. Elevating the post-it note into a more magical daydream for collaging concepts together and creating new ideas.

Reconceivers | 2018

Harvard metaLAB + friends openLAB, Cambridge (USA)

An installation and demonstration of a collection of tools to provoke new interpretations of concepts and objects and inspire creative design ideas (featuring the EmotiveModeler and early prototypes of Design Daydreams)

Birds of a Feather | 2013

MIT Media Lab Links Conference, Cambridge (USA)

While traditional ornithological representations show the complexity of connections between the genus, these guides do not represent the rich, multi-sensorial physicality of birds' songs and colours. Inspired by this rich ornithological data, Birds of a Feather reunites the conventional Birds of Paradise family tree with the dynamic sounds and colours of the birds in an immersive audio-visual experience. Colors sampled from the plumage of the birds matched to auditory elements in their songs bring to life a representation system that is not only capable of creating a holistic understanding of how ornithological data is structured, but also an opportunity to explore hidden phenomena in the natural world. Created with Floor van de Velde.

aireForm | 2013

MIT Media Lab Other Festival

aireForm is a pneumatically actuated shape-changing garment inspired by the various silhouettes that enhance the human form in women’s fashion. Created together with Ryuma Niiyama, Xiao Xiao and Jennifer Jacobs, it was shown at the fashion show as part of the MIT Media Lab Other Festival (April 2013)

Drink, Make, Feast | 2013

MIT Media Lab Other Festival

Drink, Make Feast was a creative immersive eating experience that formed one of the Acts in the Other Feast, an immersive, multi-sensory experience in four acts held as part of the MIT Media Lab Other Festival (April 2013). Each act explored a different theme of eating, from mysterious to playful to communal. Drink, Make, Feast was the first act where diners were encouraged to tangibly participate in the design of their eating experience, specifically their utensils. The centerpieces of the table was a modified 'Christmas cracker' which, when torn open, revealed the materials diners could use to construct their own cutlery - a variety of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and rubber bands - and create a new eating experience through how they interacted with their food.

'Christmas Cracker' centre piece containing materials
with which to make utensils
Diners ripping the cracker open

Examples of utensils which diners could make with the materials in the cracker
Details of the 'Ingredients' included in the cracker with which diners could make utensils

Hangu | 2010

Bath Fringe Festival, Bath (UK)

Building from it’s humble roots as a guerilla intervention to bring an uplifting element of nature to an unremarkable tunnel in Vauxhall (London), Hangu created an aviary of over 200 paper origami birds flying through The Octagon exhibition venue.

Royal Collage of Art Show | 2009

Royal College of Art, London (UK)

Spectate was exhibited at the Industrial Design Engineering graduating show at the Royal College of Art as a culmination of a 5 month long masters project.

Royal Collage of Art Interim Show & Sustain Exhibition | 2009

Royal College of Art, London (UK)

Replenish was exhibited at the Industrial Design Engineering interim show at the Royal College of Art as a culmination of a 5 month long group project. It was also included in the Sustain exhibition; a collection of student work which considered a greater level of environmental concern and addressed sustainable issues